Welcome to JPerfProbe.

JPerfProbe (Java performance probes), are used for timing "stuff" in java. It is possible to time around codesections (same scope) or start the timer in one scope and stop it in another scope.

Example of usage:


Print out probe result:



 probe name=MyProbe, #samples=1 , average=26.0 , max=26.0  , min=26.0 , units=MICROS

The probes can be enabled or disabled. In a production system they can stay in the code disabled, and be enabled by need. If enabled they does not cause overhead, it just a method call and a if statement.

The probes are handy for measuring performance in development and in production, and could be used for documenting timing requirements.

Features: - measure time in nano seconds - presentation in nanos, micros, millis - probe manager both static and instance - record variable number of samples - supports multithreaded probes, also single probes - calculates min/max and average